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Kids love Ruty the Rhino and can relate to his struggles and how he is feeling.
Everyone wants to fit in and be welcomed into a group. However, kids learn with Ruty to embrace their own differences and celebrate their own unique talents.

"Ruty the Rhino" is a story about being true to yourself and loving the unique person that you are.

An Encouraging Book for Fathers

Today's fathers enjoy taking a more participatory role in raising their children and being present in their lives. As a father, we can celebrate the people our children are becoming and encourage them on the paths that they choose. In "Ruty the Rhino," Ruty's father takes an active part in helping Ruty on his path to finding who he wants to be.

A great book for fathers who want to be an encouraging presence in the lives of their children!


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Ruty just wants to be like everyone else.

He thinks his name is silly.

He doesn't like being so short.

He doesn't like his big, clumsy feet.

And most of all, he hates his funny, stubby nose.

But as Ruty searches for ways to be more like his other animal friends, his father leads him on an exciting journey where he learns that the best thing Ruty can be... is himself! His father teaches him to believe in himself and shows him that it's our differences that make each of us special.

"Who you are is up to you. Let me help you see it through!"




Chris is an Orange County native and has always been an active member of the community. Whether it is serving as Mayor of Placentia or expanding the magic at Walt Disney Parks and Resorts, Chris is enthusiastic about contributing to social causes that benefit children and education.

Chris began his career in politics working for Governor Pete Wilson in the State Capitol. Serving in that capacity, he helped the Governor bring forward the class size reduction initiative and the state mentoring program. After serving in the Wilson administration, Chris ran successfully for the Placentia City Council. He then served as Mayor for two years during the city’s 75th anniversary and authored a children’s history book for 3rd graders.

Writing "Elephant Rides for Free," a children's history of Placentia, led Chris to start and manage his own publishing company, Tesoro Publishing. Through Tesoro's operations, he has facilitated the writing of 3 history books for children with one more in production. All of these books are designed to supplement California's elementary school social studies curriculum and over 100,000 books have been donated to students through the generosity of Orange County corporate and community sponsors.

After serving as Mayor of Placentia, Chris started with The Walt Disney Company managing government relations for the Disneyland Resort. In 2016, Chris had the opportunity to spend 3 months in China preparing for the grand opening of the new Shanghai Disney Resort. Through his efforts, he led the company to donate $3 Million to support children's hospitals all across mainland China.

Chris has 3 sons and he wrote "Ruty the Rhino" as a gift to them with an important lesson he hopes they will retain. "My hope is that you realize how truly special you are."


Dan has been drawing all his life.

Dan has been an artist and illustrator for The Walt Disney Company for over 19 years. He has also done freelance art work for the University of Southern California (USC), Nickelodeon, Sketchers shoes, comic books and anyone who might need a skilled and inventive illustrator.

Not only did he illustrate "Ruty the Rhino," but he also helped Tesoro Publishing by illustrating Stan Oftelie's "Nothing Rhymes with Orange," a children's history of Orange County.

Dan's artwork has been displayed - and sold - in many Southern California art galleries.


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