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She Bear

She Bear

Author: Pat McKinley

ISBN: 978-0-9797419-5-1
First Publication: 2009

The fiercest animal in the forest is the female grizzly bear protecting her cub. She prevails over the stronger and larger male grizzly because she is fighting for something and he is not. In "She Bear," former Chief of Police Pat McKinley provides instruction and insight to empower women to protect themselves with the same fierceness a female grizzly protects her cub.

The key to becoming a She Bear is using your "inner sense of danger." This instinct is unique to women and gives them the ability to outsmart a potential attacker who may be physically stronger. While current statistics state that one in four women will be a victim of sexual assault, it is the goal of the author to change this indicator. After reading the techniques and information in "She Bear," you will learn how to avoid most unsafe situations and face any danger with which you are confronted.

About the Author

Former Chief of Police Pat McKinley is a 44-year veteran of law enforcement. After serving four years in the United States Air Force, he attended the police academy in Los Angeles. He then went on to work for the L.A. Police Department for 29 years, where in 1968, he and 75 other officers volunteered to be a part of an elite force within the LAPD known as SWAT (Special Weapons And Tactics unit). During his 25 years working with the SWAT team, McKinley was involved in more than 100 incidents involving barricaded suspects - from kidnappings to bank robberies to stalkings that turned into hostage situations. Working his way up to captain, McKinley spent 29 years with the LAPD.

McKinley's extensive training and experience with barricaded suspects has taught him volumes about the criminal mind. He learned that most criminals are weak-willed and skittish. The slightest resistance from a potential victim will send him or her looking for someone else to victimize. In an effort to understand this phenomenon, McKinley talked to victims and to officers who had spent time working with the victims of violent crimes. Through this research, McKinley gained insight into what causes criminals to prey on certain people.

In "She Bear," McKinley shares his knowledge with female readers who want to overcome their fears and cultural stereotypes. He teaches women the tools they need to become fierce, protective fighters.

In 1993, McKinley relocated to Fullerton, California, where he assumed the job of Chief of Police at the Fullerton Police Department. McKinley resides in Fullerton with his wife, Barbara.

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