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Elephant Rides for Free

Elephant Rides for Free

Author: Chris Lowe and Emily Roberts
Illustrator: Bob Bates

First Publication: 2003

Many unique stories and individuals make up the history of the City of Placentia. In 1962, elephants first raced in Placentia on the land which is now Tuffree Junior High School. Termed the "Dumbo Derby," the races were a competition between universities from all over the nation. Honoring this tradition, an elephant led off the Heritage Day Parade celebrating the city's 75th Anniversary in 2001.

Elephant rides for Free provides a comprehensive overview of Placentia's history from tthe days when wild animals wandered the land to the renovation of its modern civic center. It offers children a window into the past where they may meet the farmers, pioneers and community officials who made Placentia the great city it is today.

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